Smart Technologies


Fabián Narváez E. (Coordinador)

This book contains a group of selected papers presented at Second International Conference on Smart Technologies, Systems and Applications (SmartTech-IC 2021) held on December 1-3, 2021 in Quito, Ecuador. The SmartTech-IC conference aims to attract researchers, scientists and technologists from some of the top companies, universities, research groups, and government agencies from Latin America and around of the world to communicate their research results, inventions and innovative applications in the area of smart science and the most recent smart technological trends. The second edition of SmartTech-IC conference was organized by the Universidad Politécnica Salesiana (Campus Girón), a private institution of higher education with social purposes, nonprofit and co-financed from the Ecuadorian State.

The SmartTech-IC conference has been conceived as an academic platform to promote the creation of technical and scientific collaboration networks. The goal of the conference was addressed some relevant topics related to smart tecnologies, smart systems, smart trends and applications in different domains in the field of computer science and information systems that represent innovation in current society.

Identification of Costa Rican speaker’s age group based on acoustic vowel analysis
Victor Yeom-Song, Marvin Coto-Jimenez 
U-Net Based on MRI Image Patches for Skull Stripping
David Jiménez-Murillo, Daniel F. Terraza-Arciniegas,, Leonardo Duque-Muñoz, Juan D. Martínez-Vargas, Andrés E. Castro-Ospina 
Python application for analysis of photovoltaics cells operating in both first and second quadrant
Bonie J. Restrepo-Cuestas, Cristian Guarnizo-Lemus, Adriana Trejos, Carlos A. Ramos-Paja
Direct diffuse reflectance model implementation using optical parameters applied to the spectral simulation of avocado leaf
Nicolás Alberto Molina Cerón, Maria Constanza Torres Madroñero, July Galeano, Maria Casamitjana 
Evaluation of supervised and semi-supervised classifiers for multispectral image processing: a comparative study
Valentina Suescún Arias, María Constanza Torres Madroñero, July Galeano Zea, María Casamitjana
Design and validation of an exoskeleton for hand rehabilitation in adult patients with rheumatoid arthritis
Roberto Moya-Jiménez, Teresa Magal-Royo, Michelle Flores, Mario Caiza
Understanding the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem, through the Hamiltonian circuits
Saul Figueroa, Franklin De la Cruz, García Joseline, Franklin Camacho 
Comparative study of PI and fuzzy control techniques for voltage stability of a three-phase inverter in photovoltaic systems, evaluating the voltage in transitory and stable state
André Mejía Páliz, Wilson Pavón Vallejos, Leony Ortiz Matos, Ama Owusu-Andanese 
FPGA-based Low-Cost Multispectral Camera Prototype for Precision Agriculture Applications
Julian Uribe-Rios, David Marquez-Viloria, Luis Castano-Londono
Outcome Prediction of COVID-19 Patients From Clinical Admission Data Using Machine Learning Models
Juan Pablo Cartagena, Rubén D. Fonnegra, Fabián Narváez, Gloria M. Díaz 
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Smart Technologies. Smarttech-IC 2021


Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Smart Technologies, Systems and Applications


Fabián Narváez E. (Coordinador)








Universidad Politécnica Salesiana


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